Colour songs for ESL children

This is a really easy and simple song to use to teach the colours to ESL children. It’s got a catchy tune and you can really get the kids involved and participating. When I start off teaching it, I sing the first part:

“What colour, what colour, what colour is this?”

then have them reply with the second part:

“it’s red, red… red, Red, RED!”

(I encourage them to say the colours as loud as possible… even yell them out!) It’s a great song for repetition and really helps them learn their colours fast.

Colour songs for ESL children – English Language Games

The next level to this song is, I select the kids that are advancing faster (the ones that learned the colours) and I ask them to be my “Colour Teachers” (or “helpers”) and I get them to sing the first part of the colour song and the rest of the kids reply with the second part. This is just one way to keep the kids that are advancing faster, constantly engaged and participating in class. One of the main reasons why the advanced learners in the class start to cause distractions for the other kids is simply because they aren’t being challenged any more to continue to learn, so by giving those kids a new challenge as the “Colour Teachers” you keep them involved in the learning process of the whole class.

Check out my other favorite colour songs for ESL children in The Best List of Colour Songs for ESL children that I compiled together.  I have to admit I spent a whole weekend watching videos on YouTube to put together the best colour songs I found for ESL beginners!