I’m publishing my book

HiĀ  everybody!

I’m publishing my book about ESL games for kids. I’d like to get your feedback about what cover to go with! It’s about games and activities for English teachers to use with kids .

Unfortunately it’s true… we really judge a book by its cover so I’d appreciate your honest judgement. Would you help me pick the cover that bests describes what the book is about?

Please post the number and name of the cover you like most in the comments below (And tell me why!)

Many thanks!!


1 – The hopscotch

esl games big 5

2 – Teacher Karlee

esl games teacher big karlee fe1e7c1b-0642-404f-8c92-282b03565cd2

3 – Red Shirt

esl games big kid red shirt

4 – Window peek-a-boo

esl games big kid behind window 9acff1c4-dd4d-44c0-8f41-77a77751090f

5 – Little girl

esl games evelyne big

6 – Toys

esl games big toys pink


7 – Prison break

Read the subtitle

esl games prison break

8 – Classroom

esl games round table big modified


9 – Circle time

esl games big 6 orange kid2

8 thoughts on “I’m publishing my book”

  1. My first choice is Hopscotch, every kid knows this game, universally! My second choice is Toys, beautiful smiling faces, and the name reaches out to any child, TOYS!!

  2. My preference is 4. The ESL stands out which I believe is important. The picture is inviting as the child looks like she is having fun while learning.

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