Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for Children

What would happen if your students actually believed in themselves and in their capability to learn English?

Do you think it would make teaching them easier?   Do you think it would help them learn faster?

Of course it would!!

I’m very interested in self-development and have participated in many courses. During a life-transforming course I attended, I met an incredibly inspiring woman named Julie Blue. One of her songs, “Believe in yourself”, became one of my motivation songs and I want to share it with you and your students.

Here is the audio version:

Here are the lyrics for Believe in Yourself by Julie Blue – SONG PUZZLE. If you haven’t already, sign up to my newsletter here and get more ideas on how to teach English to kids in a fun way.


Become a Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for Children because NOT having sufficient levels of Self-Esteem, will impact a child’s relationships, communication, personal effectiveness and ability to reach their fullest potential. Scientific studies show over and over the relationship between not having sufficient self-esteem and threats like:

Being Insecure – creeping feelings of discomfort
Procrastination – putting things off until you are doomed to fail
Frustration – not getting the results you want, again and again
Worrying – visualizing and expecting negative, self-fulfilling results without reason
Anger – finding yourself in a state of upset all too frequently
Bullying – exerting domination over others in unhealthy ways in order to create a false impression of power and superiority
Depression – allowing yourself to be a victim, dominated by a mood of sadness often to avoid responsibility for making your life work optimally or to attract the pity of others
Fear – the third most prevalent emotional response often due to a perceived inability to impact one’s situation

Many other situations including Abuse, Addictions, School Drop outs, Poverty and even Suicide are also strongly linked to NOT having sufficient self-esteem!

As a Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for Children   you WILL have the ability to change all that and make a HUGE difference in the lives of so many children so that they can grow into happy, prosperous, well-adjusted adults!

How to Increase Your Self Confidence in Only 2 Minutes

Teaching can be very intimidating. Standing in front of a small crowd as they look at you can be nerve wracking. But there is a solution to everything. If you are open enough to receive it and try it.

In Amy Cuddy’s TED talk, she explains the relationship between your self confidence and your body language. Imagine having the power to ignite self confidence in yourself and your students in only 2 minutes!

Watch this video and post your comments below about how you can implement power posing into your classroom.

Watching a video and understanding the concept is one thing but to really get it and implement this technique you’ll need to follow a consistent program. A program that will guide you each step of the way until you fully embrace your goal of self-confidence and can teach it to your students. Here’s what you need!