ESL Exercises – Learning In English Can Be Made Easy For Kids!

Learning English can be easy – in fact it’s child’s play, literally!

Any child can learn a second language or multiple languages through great ESL exercises. There are many statistics and studies that show that childhood is in fact this is the best time to learn. When children develop multiple language skills at an early age this skill becomes instinctual, which means that it is so much easier to learn additional languages as an adult.  Speaking multiple languages can benefit your child’s life in so many ways:

* It can give them the chance to express themselves creatively in a number of languages,
* It can give them better chances to explore this wonderful world and
* You can also be giving your child multiple career opportunities otherwise unavailable to them

Here are some ESL exercises to make learning English easy for your child:

The Belly Button Book
Image by Maia C via Flickr

* Read to your child in English language at bed time. Finding books with simple language and vocabulay is key. Make sure you are not overwhemlming your child. Simple vocabulary learnt every day will keep English accessible and fun for your child. Use books with lots of pictures. Kid’s love visual learning and there are some great books out there which will give you tips on how to teach English to your child.

* Find basic English language games with lots of dancing, jumping and singing. You know the way your child likes to learn so try and pick a game which suits them best. There are tons of games on line and remember you can adapt any of them to suit your needs. The only thing to look fo is lot’s of physical activity. Learning English can be fun!

* Introduce simple words into daily use. For example chair, table, plate, fork. Get your child used to speaking in English. Make it as relaxed as possible. Remember most of the issues we have when we get older with learning languages is actually the fear we have that languages are difficult. Kids do not have that, so take advantage of this fact.

Studies have shown that there are tons of reasons to make sure your child is bilingual. Children that speak multiple languages have been shown to be more flexible and creative with language in all their languages. Also, it has been shown that it each language your child uses actually uses a different part of their brains. Remember your child’s brain is a muscle, the more they use it, the better it gets. This is why bilingual children have performed better in lateral and logical thinking that their monolingual peers. They also have been shown to be better at multi tasking and verbal and non-verbal tests. And these are the pluses without all the economic, cultural and social benefits your child will enjoy in later life.

So, make a great decision for your child and its future. Use ESL exercises and English language games to give your child the best chance in life!