I’m publishing my book

Hi  everybody!

I’m publishing my book about ESL games for kids. I’d like to get your feedback about what cover to go with! It’s about games and activities for English teachers to use with kids .

Unfortunately it’s true… we really judge a book by its cover so I’d appreciate your honest judgement. Would you help me pick the cover that bests describes what the book is about?

Please post the number and name of the cover you like most in the comments below (And tell me why!)

Many thanks!!


1 – The hopscotch

esl games big 5

2 – Teacher Karlee

esl games teacher big karlee fe1e7c1b-0642-404f-8c92-282b03565cd2

3 – Red Shirt

esl games big kid red shirt

4 – Window peek-a-boo

esl games big kid behind window 9acff1c4-dd4d-44c0-8f41-77a77751090f

5 – Little girl

esl games evelyne big

6 – Toys

esl games big toys pink


7 – Prison break

Read the subtitle

esl games prison break

8 – Classroom

esl games round table big modified


9 – Circle time

esl games big 6 orange kid2

Good Morning Songs for Kids

I know what it’s like to be an ESL teacher and constantly searching for new and fun English teaching materials to incorporate into your class… trust me I’ve spent hours doing it!

Probably one of the most common songs that teachers look for are Good morning songs for kids. Kids need some form of routine and a signal to know when something is starting and ending, hence why a Good morning song is such a great cue for the start of the class. Starting the class off with a song is also a wonderful way to set the tone for the rest of the class… it’s going to be FUN!

These are 2 Good Morning songs that I use in my ESL beginners class. If you’re looking for more variations and versions, you can also check out The ultimate collection of Good Morning songs for ESL children that I compiled together of my favorite ones that are suitable for ESL children! (This was done after a weekend of watching videos on YouTube!)

Good morning songs for kids – English Language Games

Lyrics to the Good Morning, Good Morning song

Good Morning,Good Morning
Good Morning, to you
Good Morning,Good Morning
And how are you?

Lyrics to Hello, Hello song

Hello, Hello
What is your name?
Hello, Hello
It’s nice to meet you!

Good morning songs for children – English Language Games

Lyrics to Good Morning Everyone song by Miss Caroline

Good Morning,Good Morning
Good Morning, everyone
I’m so glad to see you
Good Morning everyone!

Colour songs for ESL children

This is a really easy and simple song to use to teach the colours to ESL children. It’s got a catchy tune and you can really get the kids involved and participating. When I start off teaching it, I sing the first part:

“What colour, what colour, what colour is this?”

then have them reply with the second part:

“it’s red, red… red, Red, RED!”

(I encourage them to say the colours as loud as possible… even yell them out!) It’s a great song for repetition and really helps them learn their colours fast.

Colour songs for ESL children – English Language Games

The next level to this song is, I select the kids that are advancing faster (the ones that learned the colours) and I ask them to be my “Colour Teachers” (or “helpers”) and I get them to sing the first part of the colour song and the rest of the kids reply with the second part. This is just one way to keep the kids that are advancing faster, constantly engaged and participating in class. One of the main reasons why the advanced learners in the class start to cause distractions for the other kids is simply because they aren’t being challenged any more to continue to learn, so by giving those kids a new challenge as the “Colour Teachers” you keep them involved in the learning process of the whole class.

Check out my other favorite colour songs for ESL children in The Best List of Colour Songs for ESL children that I compiled together.  I have to admit I spent a whole weekend watching videos on YouTube to put together the best colour songs I found for ESL beginners!

The ultimate collection of “Good Morning” songs for ESL children

I spent so much time on youtube watching tons of videos and filtering ones that I could use with my ESL beginners class, that I finally just decided to compile them all together here in one place!

Hello! – Teaching Tips

Thanks to SuperSimpleSongs for all their great songs and games – you have been a huge source of inspiration me!

ESL children singing the Good Morning song

One of my English language games

Good Morning ‘MyChildren song’

Thanks to MyChildrensongs

Nursery Rhymes – Good Morning

Thanks to firozmunshi

Kids’ Songs – Good Morning

Thanks to SueKiddyCorner

Good morning to you

Thanks to clasedeingles

Good morning

Thanks to zaldy109

The Good Morning Song

Thanks to Happy Kidz Learning

Good morning song for preschool music class – “Good Morning Everyone”

Thanks to Miss Caroline’s Music

good morning to you-Kids

Thanks to rubchan

Please let me know if you have any more versions or variations of a “Good Morning” song that would be practical for an ESL children’s class… I’d love to keep growing this list!