3 Ways you Can Help the English School in Trujillo, Honduras

How it all began

This is the story of how one crazy Canadian girl with a big dream went from rock bottom to being a local “Trujillo celebrity”! With no money in our pockets, feeling helpless in life, my husband and I were literally at a point where our only option was either to live under a bridge in a third world country or follow our dream… don’t worry, this story has a happy ending! Within 2 weeks we opened our English school and miraculously we were able to pay rent by the end of the first month.

I think people really relate to my story. I started off volunteering in a kindergarten for 2 years before opening up my school. I really saw the positive impact it was having on the kids and their families and the community. Coming from a developed country like Canada, you soon realize just how lucky we are to have all that we do.

It was pretty hard at first but we worked super hard and eventually became the #1 English school in Trujillo, Honduras!

logoBy the way…we did eventually come up with a name for the school!

Centro Cultural de Trujillo  / Trujillo Cultural Center 

Our vision is to be a center where people can discover and develop their many talents in a safe environment. A place for children and adults to learn: English, Spanish, Art, Sports, Drama, Dance, Cooking, Computers, etc. It’s still part of the dream but we’re continually moving forward towards it!

This video will give you a better idea of who I am as “Teacher Karlee” and just how much of a passion I have for teaching ESL.


“What can I do to help?”

When you see children and adults who want better opportunities in life but just don’t have the resources themselves, it really calls out to your heart to want to make a difference and help them in a positive way.

People often ask me:

  • “What can I donate?”
  • “How can I help with your school?”
  • “What do you need?”

Here are 3 ways you can help out and make a positive impact on the lives of the students in Trujillo:

  1. Make a donation
  2. Come visit and speak English with the students! A very cultural experience for everyone!
  3. Sponsor a student to learn English at our school

1. Make a Donation

It’s always with great appreciation and gratitude that I accept the help of others because it’s been a huge part of how we’ve grown the school.

Here’s a list of some of the things that are always welcomed. Of course everything is helpful, useful  and greatly appreciated!

  1. Kids books, picture books, activity books (second hand stores, garage sales and Dollar stores often have tons of variety at low costs)
  2. Magazine (especially ones that are educational or show a part of the culture)
  3. Board games, activity games, learning toys
  4. Posters and stickers with English words
  5. Toothbrushes and dental floss (obviously these have to be new!)
  6. Art materials: markers, white board markers, crayons, pencils, glue, paints, playdough, etc.
  7. We have a special star reward system where every 5 stars they get to pick a small prize and after 40 stars they get a big prize. Little trinkets like: party favors, wrapped candies, erasers, key chains , stickers, temporary tattoos, pencil sharpeners, balloons, suckers, etc
  8. Extra trinkets around the house that you want to clean out, like: wallets, hats, sunglasses, toys, etc.
  • School donations - michelle and family
  • Fun donations - Megan and Nikki
  • FIRST DONATIONS - Lindsay, Meryl, Jackie
  • First Easter Eggs!
  • Art donation - Lindsay
  • Craft donations - Cathy, Gwen, Lindsay
  • Art donations - Norma, Jeff and team
  • Special treats donations - Norma, Jeff and team
  • Art supplies donation - Norma, Jeff and team
  • Special prizes donation - Norma, Jeff and team
  • Generous art and school supplies donations - Norma, Jeff and team
  • The kids that are benefiting from all of this
  • paint donations - Meryl
  • My Birthday donations - Melanie
  • school supplies donations - Melanie
  • Craft donations - Cathy Trujillo Property Services
  • Toy donations - from many people!
  • English book donations - from many people!
  • My amazing chalkboard - Campo del Mar
  • Game donations - David and family
  • Puzzle donations - David and family
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  • Book donations - David and family
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This is an example of an English lesson we did with the toothbrushes and dental floss’ that were donated:

I even got some fun gifts for my 30th birthday. I was able to take my students to Campo del Mar Natural Park and do a tour of the zoo, gardens and beach! My friends from Canada and Campo del Mar donated party favors, a pinata, food and cupcakes to give these kids a once in a lifetime opportunity!

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They enjoyed it so much that they spread the word and new students were asking me the following year if it was true that I took my students to the zoo for my birthday… so needless to say, we did it again for my 31st birthday!! 🙂

2. Visit the Students

Trujillo, Honduras is becoming a popular tourist destination now and many people are visiting this gorgeous place.  If you are one of the lucky people to be exploring the area… why not also have a cultural experience and spend some time with the local kids! (or adults if you prefer!)

It’s always a special treat for our students to get to practice their English with native speakers and everyone that has visited a class and spent time with the students has always loved the experience. It’s a cultural experience for everyone involved!

3. Sponsor Students

This is by far the way to make the biggest difference in someone’s life. To sponsor a student to learn English is like giving them a second chance in life. With the tourism boom that’s hitting Trujillo, English is essential for anyone with a bright future.

We have some local ex-pats that have paid for English classes for their workers or kids they have a personal connection with. It’s also helped them communicate with the people they care about.

We even have some larger companies sponsoring their employees, they realize how important it is to invest in their education and know that it will benefit everyone involved.  I really admire Banco Atlantida, Campo del Mar and Banana Coast Tours for investing in their staff.

 Take Action!

If you would like to know more about how you can get involved and make a positive impact on someone’s life. Please contact me via:

Email: EnglishLanguageGames(at)gmail.com   *replace (at) with @

Facebook: English Language Games

Phone: +504 9955 8828

Teaching English to Children in a FUN Way

Calgary Family Photographer (Photo by Dana Pugh)danapugh.com

Have your ESL beginners ever made the mistake of saying:

 “I can playing” or “I can to play”? Well mine sure have!!

It’s a common mistake among students. They assume “CAN” follows the same rules as other verb conjugations but we know it’s not like that. It’s a modal verb, so the rules change!

 I’m constantly striving to create more ways of teaching English to children in a fun way.

This is one of my ESL Exercises I use to engrain the correct sentence structure in their minds. We repeated each sentence 7 times increasing the energy level each time. As you can see by the smiles on their faces… they are having FUN while learning!

Calgary Family Photographer (Photo by Dana Pugh) danapugh.com

Calgary Family Photographer (Photo by Dana Pugh)danapugh.com








Watch the video to hear the tune of this ESL kids song and get some examples of variations. You can teach just about any English verb here!


Are you looking for more ESL Games for Kids to teach them English in a fun way? Check out my ebook…

ESL Games for Kids – Proven Ideas for Teaching English Through Listening Exercises, Fun Activities and Games.

It’s full of easy to implement, practical and effective language games.

ESL Games for Kids - Proven Ideas for Teaching English Through Listening Exercises, Fun Activities and Games [
ESL Games for Kids – Proven Ideas for Teaching English Through Listening Exercises, Fun Activities and Games

Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for Children

What would happen if your students actually believed in themselves and in their capability to learn English?

Do you think it would make teaching them easier?   Do you think it would help them learn faster?

Of course it would!!

I’m very interested in self-development and have participated in many courses. During a life-transforming course I attended, I met an incredibly inspiring woman named Julie Blue. One of her songs, “Believe in yourself”, became one of my motivation songs and I want to share it with you and your students.

Here is the audio version:

Here are the lyrics for Believe in Yourself by Julie Blue – SONG PUZZLE. If you haven’t already, sign up to my newsletter here and get more ideas on how to teach English to kids in a fun way.


Become a Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for Children because NOT having sufficient levels of Self-Esteem, will impact a child’s relationships, communication, personal effectiveness and ability to reach their fullest potential. Scientific studies show over and over the relationship between not having sufficient self-esteem and threats like:

Being Insecure – creeping feelings of discomfort
Procrastination – putting things off until you are doomed to fail
Frustration – not getting the results you want, again and again
Worrying – visualizing and expecting negative, self-fulfilling results without reason
Anger – finding yourself in a state of upset all too frequently
Bullying – exerting domination over others in unhealthy ways in order to create a false impression of power and superiority
Depression – allowing yourself to be a victim, dominated by a mood of sadness often to avoid responsibility for making your life work optimally or to attract the pity of others
Fear – the third most prevalent emotional response often due to a perceived inability to impact one’s situation

Many other situations including Abuse, Addictions, School Drop outs, Poverty and even Suicide are also strongly linked to NOT having sufficient self-esteem!

As a Self-Esteem Elevation Coach for Children   you WILL have the ability to change all that and make a HUGE difference in the lives of so many children so that they can grow into happy, prosperous, well-adjusted adults!

How to Increase Your Self Confidence in Only 2 Minutes

Teaching can be very intimidating. Standing in front of a small crowd as they look at you can be nerve wracking. But there is a solution to everything. If you are open enough to receive it and try it.

In Amy Cuddy’s TED talk, she explains the relationship between your self confidence and your body language. Imagine having the power to ignite self confidence in yourself and your students in only 2 minutes!

Watch this video and post your comments below about how you can implement power posing into your classroom.

Watching a video and understanding the concept is one thing but to really get it and implement this technique you’ll need to follow a consistent program. A program that will guide you each step of the way until you fully embrace your goal of self-confidence and can teach it to your students. Here’s what you need!

I’m publishing my book

Hi  everybody!

I’m publishing my book about ESL games for kids. I’d like to get your feedback about what cover to go with! It’s about games and activities for English teachers to use with kids .

Unfortunately it’s true… we really judge a book by its cover so I’d appreciate your honest judgement. Would you help me pick the cover that bests describes what the book is about?

Please post the number and name of the cover you like most in the comments below (And tell me why!)

Many thanks!!


1 – The hopscotch

esl games big 5

2 – Teacher Karlee

esl games teacher big karlee fe1e7c1b-0642-404f-8c92-282b03565cd2

3 – Red Shirt

esl games big kid red shirt

4 – Window peek-a-boo

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5 – Little girl

esl games evelyne big

6 – Toys

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7 – Prison break

Read the subtitle

esl games prison break

8 – Classroom

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9 – Circle time

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